Recent Developments.

It is essential that most professionals participate in some form of online personal branding. A common argument of the experts is that you already have a digital footprint - in social media and on the internet - so people are making impressions of you. Take control of these perceptions with a positive reflection of you. I think personal branding also forces you to be visionary of your career goals and helps you gain favorable employment.

For a few years now, I have been working on a personal website concept. I feel the biggest benefit of a personal website is it acts as the centerpiece of an online personal brand, something you project onto various networks. In the ensuing months, I plan to share my interpretation of an online personal brand through this website. I hope my functional angle is refreshingly more simple and applicable than the traditional marketing angle (which I find at times cators to top flight professionals when I think personal branding is applicable to everyone).

Become that 'guy' or 'gal'.One way I look at personal branding is to work towards becoming that 'guy' or 'gal' - a popular term used among handymen. I think it is just as applicable in our high tech, connected world.